Skaven Clanrat Batch Painting Guide

This is the method that I've been using to paint close to 200 Clanrats. This guide is broken into 2 steps, first is the "standard" detail and second is "advanced" detail. I reserve the advanced detail usually only to command group models and characters, but if you have the time, the extra detail will really help your horde to stand out on the battlefield!

With a large amount of models I have multiple times decided to tackle each step simultaneously, as opposed to, say painting one rank at a time, such as 5-10 models. Experiment and see which method is more suitable for you.

Standard Detail

0.5 - Undercoat, Warcolours Grey Undercoat was used here to better illustrate the choice of colors Black or brown is preferable.

1. Fur - Citadel Mournfang Brown
(Here you can vaty the color a bit between individual clanrats)

2. Fur Drybrush - Citadel Tyrant Skull

3. Skin - Citael Raskin Flesh

4. Cloth - Citadel Khorne Red
(Again, you can vary the colors depending the clan you are going for)

5. Shield - Army Painter Oak Brown

6. Straps and other small cloths - Vallejo Leather Brown and Army Painter Oak Brown + Black

7. Armor and weapon - Warcolours Pewter + Black

8. Tail Glaze - Citadel Bloodletter

9. Wash on model, except tail - Army Painter Strong Tone
Let this dry for at least 30 minutes

10. Skin Highlight . Citadel  Cadian Fleshtone

11. Eyes - Citadel  Mephiston Red

12. Teeth .and Claws -Citadel Zandri Dust

13. Finish up the base, paint the edges Citadel Steel Legion Drab and apply static grass

Advanced Detail

14.Metal highlight - Mix of Warcolours Pewter with White Metal

15. Eye Highlight - Mix of Citadel Mephiston Red, Blazing Orange and White

16.Skin Highlight  - Mix of  Citadel Kislev Flesh and Black

17. Shield Heraldry - Paint the desired design using your finest brush, here  Warcolours 000 was used,

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