Dwarfs Army Overview

And the core of the army is done. Very pleased with the results, although the lighting in these pictures is not the best possible. This army is currently  considerably smaller than the Skaven and O&G armies, noticeably due to rules. The current strength is 234 models, inculuding the war machines.


Anvil of Doom

Freehanded the runes on the base, next up will be the army picture.


Dwarf Gyrocopters

These gyrocopters follow a relatively simple colorscheme akin to the airships.


Goblin Wolf Riders

Painted for Ninth Age's Orcs and Goblins Quickstarter Army competition.


Dwarf Bolt Throwers

Two old style bolt throwers with crew.


Dwarf Rangers

Rangers, a mix of old and new.


Dwarf Quarrellers

A small band of dwarves armed with crossbows.


Dwarf Hammerers #2

Another set of dwarf hammerers, converted with masks.


Dwarf Airships

These airships are from the Titan Forge, named Colossal Zeppelins. Their primary use is to play them as Grudge Busters in 9th Age, but they can also be used in Warhammer Fantasy Battles with homebrew rules.