"In pride we built Eight Peaks, at the zenith of our ancient power. It was a wonder to the world; more beautiful than even Everpeak, open to the sky. A sign of our wealth and power, strong beyond the measure of Dwarf, Elf, or Men. We thought it would never fall and the mines would be ours forever... What fools we were."

-Gotrek Gurnisson

Karak Eight Peaks, one of the largest dwarf strongholds nested in the World's Edge Mountains of Old World. Having been overrun by skaven, orcs and goblins, it's days of glory are long past gone. Yet, the descendant of King Lunn, Belegar Ironhammer has rallied his royal clan Angrund and gathered allies to launch a campaign to retake the ancient dwarven stronghold.

This blog focuses on building, converting and painting armies of miniatures and terrain for different tabletop rule systems themed on the region of Karak Eight Peaks of the Old World featured in the Warhammer Fantasy Battles and Total War Warhammer . The armies are the following:

Clan Angrund and clansdwarfs of Belegar Ironhammer
Crooked Moon Tribe and the green tide gathered by Skarsnik
Clan Mors and hired clan mercanaries of Queek Headtaker

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