Testing Angrund Clan colorscheme

I recently acquired a formidable dwarf force of over 3000 points that im looking to paint in a Karak Eight Peaks colorscheme. also known as the Angrund clan led by Belegar Ironhammer. Heres the result of a one evening's work of  a few hours:

Overall I'm content with the result. The colors contrast each other quite well.

The only thing is the purple, I'm not sure how to approach it, For this test miniature i mixed the purple using ultramarine blue but i think i should use brighter red for the mixing. But in general, the colorscheme works and in my opinion looks better than the Karaz-a-Karak colorscheme of blue and gold which was my original plan, and i also have a set of Skull Pass dwarves I painted in that scheme some years ago.

I am probably going to start the dwarfs proper only after the winter when the weather is better for undercoating. In the meantime i can paint a few more test models such as this by hand undercoating before starting to work with larger batches of models to complete the units.

Two more major unpainted projects are still under way  - Orc Boyz and Spider Riders. Both total at ~50 models, but thankfully i have already done undercoating and the basing in the summer. 

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