Skaven Assassin

Conversion from the Silver Tower Assassin. Tried to go with a grimier skintone here and I think it works well, I might just use it for the other gutter runners I am painting in the future.

Skaven Assassin


Spider Riders Update #2

Halfway done with these now, and now that the ranks are building up I'm really starting to warm up to the colorscheme I've chosen. Although there is variation with the models, uniform colors with spear shafts and shields for example bring the unit together. The outlook is definitely tribalic!

Forest Goblin Spider Riders


Spider Riders Update #1

Testing colorschemes again, and I think this will be it. Having slightly differently colored spiders helps to break out the monotony of the one-pose spiders. Additionally, uniform colored shields and the white weathers help keep the colorscheme together. And finally, cyan eyes of the spiders work as a spot color.


Master Moulder with Things-catcher

Converted from the IoB Master Moulder, replaced the shock prod with the claw.

Master Moulder


Classic Wyvern

I had painted this already but spent an evening adding further detailing:



Dwarfs colorscheme on a full unit

Painted the planned colorscheme on a whole unit - I think it's good. I'm not going with a full uniform look with matching shields and sleeves etc. to emphasize the individuality of the warriors.

Dwarf Warriors (Angrund Clan colorscheme)


Spider Riders colorscheme test

Going with a look akin to black widow spider. Blue highlights at the legs and red as the spot color. In the back i might tone the amount of red down a bit though with the future ones.

O&G Unit Fillers and a few more additional models

Here we have two unit fillers - I'm thinking the small snotling with the cauldron could be used as counts-as-shaman sometime. I have some more additional cavalry bases fro the Orc Boyz unit fillers, but still have to plan a bit what to do with them.


Orc Boyz update #3

The orc horde is steadily growing, right now the numbers are a bit over 60. I think these turned out well, and the overall black color ties the orcs together with the rest of the night goblin mobs. A few brown shaded clothes here and there helps to break up the uniformity a bit to create a more rag-tag feel for the orcs which I was planning for.

Some 30+ more orcs are already primed and based, and i still have some left to build. In addition, I have a few hero models to paint as well, and a boar chariot i built from scrap bits.

Orc Boyz

Warplock Jezzails

Painted 3 metal jezzails in addition to the 3 i converted about 2 years ago.

Warplock Jezzails


The Dwarfs army so far

Here are pictures of all the painted dwarfs I currently have, half of it is from the Skull Pass set i painted a while back (lighter bases), and half is from the army deal i bought last year.

I also tested the warcolours transparent purple paint along with couple of layers on the thunderer champion to see how easy it is to change the colors from blue to correspond to the purple/red/white colorscheme I'm going for. Overall i like the result, and i think i will stick with purple as the main color. Like with my skaven (red) and orcs and goblins (black), a primary color on the clothing will help to tie the mainstay of the army together. Specialist factions, like with Skaven and O&G will have their own colors which are distinct from the main force. Regarding this i have some plans:

Angrund Clan, as stated before will be mainly purple, with white and red detailing. Engineers guild and Runesmiths guild will probably follow the same scheme unless i come up with something else.

The Norgrimlings, which will consist mainly of miners and irondrakes will have a muted pallette of browns and blacks.

Slayer cult, consisting mostly of Dragonslayers and the like, will have orange as their dominant color.

Angrund Clan Colorscheme test #2

Dwarf Cannons and Grudge thrower

Dwarf heroes

Dwarf Dragonslayers

Dwarf Miners

Dwarf Thunderers


Orc Veteran Standard Bearer

30 additional Orcs are well under way for completion, but i decided to finish this standard bearer early as a small break from rank-and-files. It is a veteran standard bearer for 9th age, but i also have a dedicated orc BSB built a few weeks ago.

I recently ordered a brush set and some paints from Warcolours.com and I can really recommend them - especially the metallic paints are very rich in pigment and in my opinion are better than Citadel and Army Painter equivalents.

The brushes are of superb quality for the price. As you can see here my freehanding detailing improved massively from utilizing these new brushes for finer detailing around the edges. I also benefitted from using surfactant which really helps with freehanding.

Orc Veteran Standard bearer