Clanrats Update #3

Another batch of Clanrats, the variety between each individual model really makes these fun to work with.


Clanrats Update #2

Another batch of Clanrats, more upcoming.


Night Goblins Update #1

Additional work done on a group of 10 Night Goblins. I applied additional highlight to the skin and also highlighted the cloak with a bluish-grey tone.


Orc Boyz Update #9

Here's more work on my orcs, I mainly highlighted the skin for more contrast.


Plague Monks Update #1

Additional work done on a group of 10 Plague Monks, the colors of the cloaks looked a bit flat in my opinion previously when compared to other models but now with highlights the unit looks a lot better.


Clanrats Update #1

I decided to go back to my Clanrats to add some extra details, prominently highlights on the skin, metal and cloth. I also highlighted the eyes and added pupils for more realism. I'm doing this in groups of 10, and also I'm intending to add more detail to the rank-and-file Night Goblins and Orcs as well. I've done some test models for them and I'll post a picture once I have 10 of each ready.


Human Skavenslaves

These are converted from Empire State troops and theres one with a Flagellant body in the front. I'm currently testing some additional highlights on my Skaven and O&G models, I will post pictures once I have sizable units ready.


Night Goblin Squig Herd

Albeit it is quite small as of yet and won't be legal for play but it's a start, might expand with the new squig herd models in the future.