The Old World Update #2

The illustration is complete. I took some inspiration from my collection of miniatures I've painted so far. 

With the official release just two days away, it is exciting to see how the new narrative of The Old World develops.



The Old World Update

The release of Warhammer Old World is almost here, and for the occasion I decided to go tackle something new, an illustration:


Josef Bugman

Josef Bugman's quest for vengeance against greenskins leads him to join Belegar's campaign. I've added some additional flair and an alternate colorscheme to the model. This is to represent a new brewery established within the proximity of Karak Eight Peaks, perhaps even a larger settlement retaken from either greenskins or skaven.

Alongside the model I painted an objective marker as well.


Thorgrim Grudgebearer and Karaz-a-Karak Dwarf Warriors

This marks the beginning of a new faction for the Dwarfs, reinforcements from the Dwarf capital arriving to aid in Belegar's campaign.

Flame Cannon and Master Engineer

Another converted war machine for the Dwarfs, along with a Master Engineer.