Dwarf Warriors with Great Weapons

And the Great Weapon Warriors are done, here presented as two separate units of 20 with a few additional models to form a second command group.

Dwarf Warriors Update #6

And this is the last of the great weapon warriors done, group shot coming up next.

Dwarf Warriors Update #5

New batch done:


Great Weapon Dwarf Warriors Command Group

15 more warriors left to be done. I especially like how the standard bearer turned out.


Faction pages updated

I've updated the faction pages with the current collection of images. For larger units, a sample 10-20 model unit is presented. Some sections have small lore sections already, and these are going to be expanded upon a bit once I delve into the lore again.

Dwarfs Unit Image Update

New images for Dwarves, I've repainted a few bits there and there to make the dwarves that I previously had  in Karaz-A-Karak colorscheme to correspond to the Karak Eight Peaks colorscheme.


Skaven Unit Image Update

Updated new images for Skaven units. Since the majority of the Skaven army had been painted before the launch of this site, most images were lower in quality or missing some of the newer models. Some units, such as Clanrats and Screaming Bell already have a new style image posted previously, these will be added to the appropriate sections.