T9A Unit Card for Dwarf Clan Warriors

New version for the unit cards, as a sample, made a card for Dwarf Warriors with great weapons. I intend to keep these as simple reference for specific WYSIWYG units, with specific point values and upgrades in the list. As these will be checked in the beginning and end of the game, i feel they don't have to be included in the card, as it limits customization options as well.

Ideally these unit cards will include all the special rules that the "default" unit will have before any additional optional upgrades (like vanguard or veteran standard bearer here.)

The one thing that constantly keeps cluttering the gaming table in my games so far has been heaps of paper rules which you have to flip through, these cards would provide a useful reference point for you and your opponent.

I intend to create additional cards for equipment and special rules as well.

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