The Dwarfs army so far

Here are pictures of all the painted dwarfs I currently have, half of it is from the Skull Pass set i painted a while back (lighter bases), and half is from the army deal i bought last year.

I also tested the warcolours transparent purple paint along with couple of layers on the thunderer champion to see how easy it is to change the colors from blue to correspond to the purple/red/white colorscheme I'm going for. Overall i like the result, and i think i will stick with purple as the main color. Like with my skaven (red) and orcs and goblins (black), a primary color on the clothing will help to tie the mainstay of the army together. Specialist factions, like with Skaven and O&G will have their own colors which are distinct from the main force. Regarding this i have some plans:

Angrund Clan, as stated before will be mainly purple, with white and red detailing. Engineers guild and Runesmiths guild will probably follow the same scheme unless i come up with something else.

The Norgrimlings, which will consist mainly of miners and irondrakes will have a muted pallette of browns and blacks.

Slayer cult, consisting mostly of Dragonslayers and the like, will have orange as their dominant color.

Angrund Clan Colorscheme test #2

Dwarf Cannons and Grudge thrower

Dwarf heroes

Dwarf Dragonslayers

Dwarf Miners

Dwarf Thunderers

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