Snotling Pump Wagon

Have had this paintjob underway for some time, the snotlings were attached to bases before to act as unit fillers. Overall this model was quite fun to paint and the snotling sculpts have really lot of character to them.

For the rust effects i decided to have a go at a tip that i got some time ago. It was to dilute Typhus Corrosion technical paint with vodka and it works quite well. For the price of a GW paint pot i got a bottle that i estimate will at least triple the amount of the rust effect i can use. I'm planning on giving a coat of it on the weapons of Orc Boyz im still working on.

Speaking of which I got some more orcs, mostly from the 6th edition starter box which should add some variety to the units. That being said, the number of orcs i have is now nearing 100, so i think i will build a third command group.

Snotling Pump Wagon

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