Orc Boyz Update #1

Making some progress on the Orc Boyz, i have now painted 18 of them. 37 left in addition to two command groups. I'm now thinking that with smaller units up to around 50 it might be more beneficial to stick around painting in smaller batches of 5-10, to me it seems to be more enjoyable and helps to keep focus.

With the Night Goblins and Skaven Clanrats and slaves i did everything at once, which meant i essentially painted in batches upwards to 150, which in hindight is crazy! Though i guess it just had to be done, however, the task dragged on for months on end without seeing any real progress. The age-old advice of painting in ranks has a ring of truth of it after all. This way, the painting does not become just a chore, and seeing the ranks build up really helps with motivation. 

The unit so far is shaping up to a decent tabletop standard. I'm gearing mostly towards black colors on the clothing to tie them together with the night goblins and black orcs in order to form a more coherent army-wide colorscheme. Different browns are present though to break up the composition a bit.

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