Poisoned Wind Globadiers

See the small guy back there? Since I don't have a dedicated champion model yet I've elected to use him instead if need be.


Belegar Ironhammer

A bit of rework on the hammer, to give it a more subtle runic glow look.


Screaming Bell

Lots of special rules with this one. Ninth age version has received substantial improvements since pre 1.0 releases. 


Other Painting Projects section added

Outside of this main project I occasionally paint other miniatures as well. I highly recommend this, as you can challenge yourself with new styles. I will keep the main post feed centered only on the main armies for convenience of those interested in browsing the entries chronologically.

Right now I have added images of my painted Dark Angels for Warhammer 40k and Fellowship of the Ring for Lord of The Rings Strategy Battle Game.


Albino Council Guard

The Albino Stormvermin accompany Grey Seers as dedicated bodyguards.