Dwarf Slayers Update #1

Back to business after a break in the Middle Earth and battlefields of the 41st Millenium. All dwarves are now undercoated - I had to do this with a brush using the Warcolours Grey primer since the weather patterns are currently so erratic here. Also since I'm unable to try zenithal highlighting which I've been planning to do, I decided to apply base shading using different wash colors on the undercoat (skin, beard, metal, cloth) I think this speeds up the painting process considerably.

I really like these classic scuplts. As with the color scheme the only unifying factor here really are the traditional orange slayer beards, but even there I have some subtle hue differences. I also decided not to go too bright on the orange highlights on the beards and I'm quite content with the result.


40k Dark Angels Update - Dwarf Slayers upcoming

Updated images for Dark Angels in the other painting projects section, and now it's time to get back to the dwarves, i already have a couple painted and currently i'm trying out new basing styles.


LoTR Fellowships

2 fellowships painted now and pictures have been added to the other painting projects section, a combination of classic metal sculpts and newer plastics.


Sample Gameboard Setting

This sample setting contains the scratch-built terrain pieces I have now made. It includes rock outcroppings, rubble, wall sections, fences, a ruin, pillars and a water section.

Later I plan to add more thematic pieces for each of the armies, but this is a good starting point for building terrain themed to the underground sections of Karak Eight Peaks and ruins above in the badlands.


Terrain Section added - Scratch Built Ruin pieces

The beginning of the terrain section comes with some scratch-built pieces I made. Larger rocky outcrops are in progress. Taking a pic soon of a sample underground battleground amidst the ruins of Karak Eight Peaks.