Night Goblin Boss

This is the Skull Pass variant. I do have quite a few command group models still left from Skull Pass so I might try to convert a few more with more specific loadouts, such as with an additional hand weapon.


Night Goblins with spears

Added a bit of variation to the unit with small shield conversions. Also I have versions with bows and only hand weapons, pics coming up soon. Hopefully also I'll get overviews of Skaven and O&G with all of the painted models i have on the table, will take a bit but getting there.


Warplock Engineers

Again, with the bound spells it took a bit of time to align them to the untit card. But now it's done and it's also time to take new pictures and also to continue painting new models.

From left to right:

Warpflame caster, converted from Island of Blood/Spire of Dawn Engineer
Engineer with Halberd and Brass Orb, converted with 40k Ork runtherd shock prod, "brass orb" from the warpfire thrower, Stormvermin champion body and a gas mask from the plagueclaw catapult crew
Old Metal Engineer with halberd and warplock pistol
Iob/SoD Engineer with halberd and warplock pistol
Engineer with Doomrocker, converted from warpfire thrower crew


Poisoned Wind Globadiers

See the small guy back there? Since I don't have a dedicated champion model yet I've elected to use him instead if need be.


Belegar Ironhammer

A bit of rework on the hammer, to give it a more subtle runic glow look.